Man Flip Flops

Aladin flip flops
Aladin Flip Flops
Moroccan leather flip flops type Aladin. These men's flip flops are completely handcrafted in genuine leather, with a raised toe to give an oriental look to these sandals.
Beach Flip Flops
Beach Flip Flops
Men's flip flops or sandals in Moroccan leather by the artisans of Marrakech, for a relaxed but stylish touch in the city as at the beach. Pure leather with very resistant rubber sole. Handmade in genuine leather.
Berber sandals
Berber Sandals
Very beautiful leather sandals by Moroccan artisans in Marrakesh for a casual but stylish touch for home, garden or small summer ballads. Pure leather with rubber sole resistant, all embellished with a touch of Berber wool weaving .
Marrakech men flip flops
Marrakech Men Flip Flops
Marrakech leather flip flops for men. These handcrafted leather flip flops have been crafted using woven leather with a durable rubber sole.
Men' Sandals Agadir
Men' Sandals Agadir
beautiful leather Moroccan Flip flops by artisans in Marrakesh for a casual but stylish touch for house, garden or city summer walks. Guenine leather with very resistant rubber soleplate, magnificient legendary oriental style. Made in Morocco.
Tafraout Flip-Flops
Tafraout Flip-Flops
Moroccan flip flops in natural Tafraout leather. We have made these sandals for men by hand, with natural materials. The sole is resistant. We prefer these Moroccan thongs for men in natural leather color. Some will prefer the color brown.
Waves flip flops
Waves Flip Flops
Buy Moroccan flip flops for men, the dunes. We made these Moroccan sandals in genuine leather, 100% of natural origin, for the comfort of the feet. Manufacture of Moroccan crafts.

Leather flip flops men's

Moroccan sandals for men. 100% handcrafted in Marrakech from genuine leather.