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Aker Fassi - Moroccan Lipstick

Aker Fassi - Moroccan Lipstick

Natural makeup with a lipstick from the Berber tradition, used by women of the East. This all-natural and vegetable product, also called Akar fassi, is made from poppy powder dried naturally in the southern sun and pomegranate bark, this paste is then poured into a kind of small terracotta bell. Its very colorful pigments allow long-lasting hold
Alum stone

Alum Stone

The stone alum is a great deodorant. It is used to neutralize perspiration, preventing fermentation and removing odors. Alum stone has the ability to inhibit th
Dried rose

Dried Rose

Damask rose (Rosa damascena) (buttons) Dried rosebuds nORIGIN: Morocco - Valley of the Roses El-Kelâa M'Gouna CULTURAL METHODS: Biological PART (S) USE (S)
Ghassoul clay in pieces 500g

Ghassoul Clay In Pieces 500g

Ghassoul is a natural clay. It comes from Morocco and is known for its astringent, soothing and absorbent. it is ideal for the skin as with haircare. nFor oil
Moroccan black soap 200g

Moroccan Black Soap 200g

The black soap is a natural soap used in traditional scrub and is in the form of a thick dark paste or black. The soap is both a powerful natural exfoliant
Moroccan Henna 100g

Moroccan Henna 100g

100% vegetable henna for coloring hair or mask or temporary tattoos to skin. he dyed his hair and a nice fellow copper staining. it provides volume, vitality an
Pumice stone

Pumice Stone

The wear, walking, causing the formation of a layer of thick skin at the heel and under the forefoot. Hardening, that protection may eventually cause inflammati
Scrubbing glove

Scrubbing Glove

The exfoliating glove woven permits, by its roughness, to activate blood circulation, to help remove toxins and dead skin and to combat the formation of celluli
Serghina - Aphrodisiac Perfume

Serghina - Aphrodisiac Perfume

Serghina, sarghina, sarghine (botanical name: corrigiola thelephifolia) is a plant with fibrous and gnarled roots and small white flowers, from the Caryophyllaceae family. Moroccan herbalists know very well how to recognize it.

Das marokkanische Hamam, mehr als Wohlbefinden ...

Das Hamam, ein Ort des Wohlbefindens schlechthin. Dort können Sie die Freuden des Hamams probieren. Ort der Entspannung und des Treffens, eine echte Institution in Marokko. Oft reich dekoriert, herrscht eine entspannte Atmosphäre. Finden Sie die Atmosphäre des Hamams zu Hause mit dieser Produktkollektion für Hammam. Peeling mit schwarzer Seife, Henna oder Ghassoul Wrap, Massage mit ätherischen Ölen sind Teil der essentiellen Behandlungen, Sie haben alle Zutaten hier ...