Man Slippers

Adam Slippers

Adam Slippers

Beautiful Fez Moroccan slippers from soft leather inside and outside with leather sole for improved durability. These slippers will give you a very great comfort, because they can be worn inside but also outside as shoes.
Alibaba leather slippers

Alibaba Leather Slippers

29.90€ maintenant 24.90€
Wonderful moroccan slippers inspired from the famous american boots. They are robust, reliable and 100% handmade to last a long long time. 
Arabesque Slippers

Arabesque Slippers

The traditional Moroccan craft slipper is very appreciated for its authenticity and sturdiness. You will be delighted by the suppleness of its leather and its r
Berber slippers

Berber Slippers

Berber slippers are one of the best-known and best-selling slippers in our shop. These are completely handmade leather slippers. Slippers resistant, because sewn. These are also slippers that exist in several colors and large sizes 47, 48 49 and 50.
Berber slippers big size

Berber Slippers Big Size

Moroccan Berber leather slippers, entirely handmade. Round-toe sewn slippers, with a wide choice of large sizes up to 52
Berber slippers Dambira

Berber Slippers Dambira

Slippers mules dambira in very resistant leather, with a comfortable round toe and for any use: indoor, outdoor, garden, beach ... Made of natural leather inside and outside 100% by hand, with rubber sole Very resistant black, this slipper combines perfect robustness and originality.
Berber slippers Deluxe

Berber Slippers Deluxe

Berber leather slippers even more comfortable, because they are improved Berber slippers, with softer leather, and beige leather sole instead of black rubber. Comfortable round toe, these slippers go well everywhere.
Deluxe slippers Dambira

Deluxe Slippers Dambira

Berber mules in handmade leather, round toe entirely in soft leather with a comfortable beige crepe sole. Slippers sewn for more resistance.
First Choice Fes slippers

First Choice Fes Slippers

These leather slippers represent the best you can buy when it comes to slippers, the Channel of Moroccan slippers. The workmanship is very neat, with particular attention to detail. The leather is of superior quality, and the sole in thick but supple leather for unmatched comfort and durability over time.
First price slippers

First Price Slippers

The first price slipper is an entry-level leather slipper, to discover the joy of the slipper. Despite its affordable price, this slipper remains a genuine leather slipper, since we don't do anything other than leather at Marokech.
furry slippers

Furry Slippers

Super furry hairy moroccan slippers. Handcrafted in genuine leather. Interior and sole 100% leather exterior natural goatskin. Round toe for more comfort for your feet.
Kilim boots Man

Kilim Boots Man

Those boots are 100% hand made from soft genuine leather. 100% leather inside and outside in addition to a berber handmade wool wool coating which procure them a look half Berber, half far west. Kilim embroidery may slightly vary.
King Slippers

King Slippers

The royal Moroccan leather slipper, also known as ziwania slipper, or ziouania slipper, is a very elegant and chic slipper. Made of leather lined inside, this babouche will delight you with its modern look.
Le Marrakech Leather Slippers

Le Marrakech Leather Slippers

Superb Berber babouche from the region of Marrakesh. As you can see on the picture, that babouche is as nice as robust. It will give you a feeling of well-being and freedom. The choice of leather and the craftsman and finishing has been carefully studied to make these exclusive babouches unprecedented.
Man Fez Slippers

Man Fez Slippers

The real and original Moroccan pointed toe slipper. These slippers are as old as leather goods (leather goods come from the word Morocco). The Moroccans of Fez began to manufacture the slippers of Fez from the 10th century. Nothing has changed since, because its shape is still the same and the manufacturing method as well.
Sindbad Slippers

Sindbad Slippers

Moroccan slippers in Sindbad leather with the look of oriental slippers. Natural leather, with a thick rubber sole.
Suede Men's slippers

Suede Men's Slippers

Magnificent Moroccan slippers in high quality suede (suede calfskin). With their pointed end, these slippers will delight you with the great comfort they will provide you.
Taroudant slippers

Taroudant Slippers

Moroccan Berber slippers from Taroudant. This slipper entirely made of leather is very appreciated by its color, typical and unique yellow, as well as by its very comfortable rubber sole.
Triskell Slippers Man

Triskell Slippers Man

29.90€ maintenant 24.90€
Magnificent Berber slipper with decorative spiral in Triskel leather. These round-toe sewn slippers are entirely handmade, in soft leather.

Men Slippers By Marokech

Marokech men's slippers are strong, robust, and last a long time. We make them in natural leather, odorless, with the greatest respect for the tradition of manual work.

Lovers of leather slippers, at Marokech, you will discover real leather slippers, made with love.

We manufacture the leather slippers ourselves. We could have sold slippers on the market like our competitors, but we made the choice to manufacture them, because only in this way we manage to send you quality slippers, thus causing the " waouh "that you send us by email upon receipt of your slippers.

To achieve this result, and to manufacture high quality leather slippers, we carefully choose leathers, which have been perfectly tanned, and taken the time to dry properly. Once these leathers have been chosen, our craftsmen work them to make all kinds of slippers for men, round slippers, Berber slippers, pointed slippers, leather slippers, suede slippers.

How to choose your moroccan slipper sizes

Now that you have found the pair of leather slippers you need, the question of size arises. It is true that shopping for shoes on the internet is never easy, because we do not know if the size will match or not, and if ever it does not, what would be the possibilities of exchange?

With Marokech, rest assured. First, you can choose your usual size with confidence, because our customers are mainly French, and we know French sizes very well.

I will give you a little tip anyway: if you don't know which size to choose, simply measure the length of your foot, your size is then equal to 3/2 of the length of your foot in centimeters. For example, if your foot is 30cm in length, the size to choose is 45.

You also have the option, if you have an old pair of Moroccan slippers, to measure it and send us the length of the sole of the slipper, and we will send you exactly the same size. You can also use any shoe if you don't necessarily have a leather slipper.

Finally, you can also measure the length of your foot, and send us this length in centimeters, as a comment with the order.

Upon receipt of your Moroccan slippers package, if you are not satisfied with your choice, know that you have 365 days to exchange or request a refund.

Happy shopping on