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As you browse the pages of, and you discover the wonderful products of Moroccan handicraft, you may certainly understand that is the best Moroccan hand crafted slippers merchant from Marrakech. And as you flip through the pages of, and you enjoy Moroccan genuine leather goods. You may, just for a minute, imagine how pleasant it would be, if you were walking in the streets of Marrakech’ Souk. And as you do that, you may imagine yourself getting lost in the souks of the old Medina. Forgetting the time, while contemplating the many beautifully assorted colors. Pleasantly enjoying the feel of Berber carpets, as you touch them, and smelling the magical scent of Moroccan spices. You may like this pair of Moroccan slippers or that wicker basket, or may be the other bag from genuine leather, and if you buy a pair of slippers now on, you will experience the feeling of lightness, pleasantly provided by these genuine leather handmade babouche slippers.

Where to buy mens and womens slippers?

Morocco and particularly Marrakesh, are the world center for Moroccan slippers. If you are to visit Marrakesh those days, this is the best place to find Moroccan footwear. You will be amazed with the large amount of models and colors, for women, men and kids, to satisfy all. Do you like moccasin slippers style, slip on style, ugg slippers with sheepskin leather, with thick or slim outsole, or rather, you prefer pointed toe slippers with heel, no problem, in Marrakesh, you can find all you need. If you are not booked on the next flight to Marrakesh, then you can still get your Moroccan slippers for men or women thanks to internet. Moroccan slippers makers now sell their shoes online, and you can buy your mens or womens slippers now, and get them delivered to you in two days.

How much do Moroccan slippers cost?

You heard about Moroccan slippers, and you want to buy womens or mens slippers, but you don’t know how much do Moroccan slippers cost? No worries, here we will explain it all. First thing to know, Moroccan slippers can range from five dollars for cheap low-quality models in Moroccan souk, to many hundreds dollars if they are branded Chanel or Prada. Before we talk about how much Moroccan slippers cost, let us first say how to recognize a good pair of Moroccan slippers. A good Moroccan slipper could be recognized by the softness of its genuine leather, inside, outside, at the lining or at the soles. Good leather slippers are hand crafted, from genuine materials. A good starting point would be the leather outsole, which needs to be thick but flexible. You should be able to literally fold the slipper, easily without damaging it. Before you enjoy your handcrafted sheepskin slippers, you need also to check the finish, which needs to be impeccable without apparent defect, even at the leather sole. If the pointed or rounded toe babouche slippers you find complies with the above, then you need to know that a descent pair of women or men's slippers price would be around thirty dollars. Below that price, you are not sure to buy the good pair, unless you buy it directly from the producer, which is our case. Enjoy shopping our slippers, we love the black exterior and fur sand beige colours, which are trending...Before I forget, most of our slippers are unisex, mens slippers can be worn by women and vice versa.