Moroccan tea service

Berber Tea glasses (x6)

Berber Tea Glasses (x6)

Moroccan tea glasses. the berber patterns are hand made. Original and unique look. Sale box 6
Derb Sultane Tea glasses

Derb Sultane Tea Glasses

Moroccan tea glasses. basic manufactured and engraved by hand. Original and unique look.
Fes sugar bowl

Fes Sugar Bowl

sugar bowl from Fès. Hand engraved. Diameter 8 cm
Fes teaset

Fes Teaset

Prepare your own Moroccan mint tea with this magnificent tea set from the city of Fez. The service contains engraved Fez teapot and tray.
Moroccan sconce

Moroccan Sconce

Beautiful Moroccan handicrafts candle. Handmade with resin and engraved and etched white metal to give an Oriental touch to your candlelight dinners. Length: 2
Moroccan teapot

Moroccan Teapot

Wonderful Moroccan teapot. hand made and printed. Ideal to make your friends amazed by preparing Moroccan mint tea just like in Djemaa lefna place in Marrakech comme à la place djemaa lefna de Marrakech
Morocco Tea glasses Helab

Morocco Tea Glasses Helab

Very original handmade moroccan tea glasses. Great add to any home accessories.
Prestige tea set

Prestige Tea Set

Amaze your guests by preparing Moroccan mint tea for them with this magnificent tea set. Original and authentic with the pretty engravings on the teapot and the tray, as well as on the pretty colored glasses.
Rose water sprayer

Rose Water Sprayer

This flask is used by Moroccans to put the rose water. Moroccans use it to sprays the perfume on hands and to distribute it to their guests around a glass of t
Spice jars

Spice Jars

This set of Moroccan pots comes straight from the medina of Marrakech. it's designed to accommodate your spices: cinnamon, paprika, pepper, cumin and other spi

A Moroccan tea break?

Tea set and utensils: Give an oriental touch to your interior, with these products from the Moroccan table: tea sets, teapots, tea glasses, sugar bowl ... Nothing like a Moroccan mint tea break, with our Moroccan tea sets, tea glasses or Moroccan teapots.